every kiss begins with ¿que? — a confused spaniard (via gnarly)

Love is an open door.


Worldly life is existential

At the end of it all, everything of this world is futile. 

No matter how great the impact you make, that mark too will soon leave the Earth, following close behind your dying breath. 

So praise be to Him who sanctified us. Who makes us clean and gives us purpose. Thanks be to the Lord who promises return at the end of the toil. 

Thus, struggle on and fight the good fight. Life in this broken and irreparable world is finite and lackluster, but life in Him promises infinite reward. 



Genderswap Fan Art by Sakimi Chan

Maleficent more like MAGNIFICENT

gatdam no wonder girls love howl 




science tumblr why the hoobly boobly

tectonic plates

thank You


this is important to me

The grandfather of mine 
he knew of a time
when the sun would set
and the people would too.
In its dawn they would rise 
out of their dreams 
and into their lives. 
But a day came 
when the people desired
to see the night
of the land they admired. 
So they carried their torches
out into the dark 
to grasp the mystery 
that which was beyond
in the abyss of time 
where the sun did not shine. 
And so the people forgot 
how to dream and laugh
for they ventured too far
into the dark
in the land where the sun
would set and would rise
but the people would not
because they search for their prize
in the dark of the night 
aimless and blind 
And this was the fate 
of the people who thought
that dreams could be made
in the light of the dark. 
Thus said this grandfather
the grandfather of mine
the man who laments 
for he is wizened and wise
the land which is gone 
and has been ever since 
men puffed up on pride
thought they could run time. 


When the teacher is passing out a test the whole class knows they’re gonna fail